Unattended boats

Meet disaster. Every strong Westerly we get in Vancouver drives some of the live abords onto the rocks and the beaches. Yesterday we had a doozy, and 9 boats were lost. 

Such a shame. Some very nice boats too. A few are salvageable I think…..

Paddling season

….. is upon us.I would urge people who need frame work/repairs and skin fixes to contact me at before it becomes a panic. 

Repair times and turn around will be an adventure to say the least.

Doug’s new shop (basement cave) will handle frame repairs, while I will fix anything fabric (skins, sea socks, sprakskirts, backpacks)

Identity crisis

Need to clear something up, so people don’t get confused. This is (WAS) an unofficial blog written by Dan (see photo, on the right, handsome), sometimes I post something for Doug (on the left, rude, distinguished)…….

Some responses to blog posts have led me to believe people feel like they may be contacting Doug, this is not the case. I don’t want anything important to fall through the cracks.

Have a great Day!


Future Parts

Feathercraft Repairs

We will be setting up a limited Feathercraft repair shop later this year.

(We are moving out of the city and first must undertake construction on

our new home.)

We will be able to replace many aluminum tube parts, various plastic parts and

supply hardware pieces.

We will be able to supply skin fabric for repairs, but will not undertake these

repairs ourselves.

We will be able to supply sewn and taped spray skirts and sea socks and also

replacement air sponsons.

Please look for a new website featuring Feathercraft parts sometime this fall.

Sincerely Yours,

Doug Simpson

Tonight’s job

Putting the finishing touches on the last Bolder FC will make

Thinking of all the time I will have to show a beautiful girl how to fish

From that Bolder!

Ahhh. Good nights work.

For all the manager types; first photo is staged (the second is 100% genuine joy)


There I times when I struggle with Feathercraft. I have been a part of this family since 1997….. that’s a long time. But its not what most people think; not that its a long time working in the same place doing the same things, but rather a long time working with the same friends, going to neat places, crafting art we are proud of.

Intensly proud of:

There is nothing like finding someone, on a sandy shore somewhere on this earth, paddling something you have made; and intensely loving that thing. Often I stay silent and just watch, sometimes I’ll feel like a conversation and say ” I made that boat”.

And there goes the next hour.

Its a loss of personal identity and friendship that is looming in March. No one is worried about future employment, it will happen, we will probably make more money have benefits and a pension. That pales to what we are losing. Freedom and camaraderie.

It is a grace that on beautiful warm January days here in Shangrila, I find some perspective.