Khats Foot Bracing

“Could the seasock for the Khats have straps or bungies integrated so the foot can be attached to a forward rib to keep it from bunching up?”

This question is Excellent!

If you were to attach a tab to the end of the seasock you could sew a piece of shockcord to it that could run to a forward rib and limit the amount of bunching you are experiencing by holding the seasock forward. The Khats is a Japanese compact car in terms of legroom and this has been a rather constant issue. If you have some patch-kit repair material left, simply cut out a square and sew half of it to the sea-sock and the other half to a shockcord piece. I could see sewing two tabs on the left and right sides (one each side) to the seasock actually helping a lot more than a single center tab.

Contact the office and have us mail you some shockcord and some sewing patches, or send your seasock to us and we can do the sewing for you, and then tape the stiching so your sock stays waterproof. I’m very interested to see if this works!

Another option is to look into the newer Pivot foot bracing system. Althought this doesn’t directally affect the bunching issue, it does create a more positive bracing sysyem for rolling/power strokes.

Pivot Foot BraceThis system also has less of a issue with catching the seasock after wet exit, it seems to lie flatter against the pedals without rooting around them.

The Pivot system is available for the Khats, but we would need to retrofit your frame by attaching some foot-track to the chine bars forward of the cockpit.

I know the last half of this post got a little sidetracked, but I figure Khats owners deserve a little positive bracing!


4 thoughts on “Khats Foot Bracing

  1. I can see one possible problem in fixing the sea-sock; in the event of a deep-water capsize, it’s possible to scoop up a lot of water into the sock when righting the boat. If the sock is not tethered, you can pull it inside-out to empty it – you couldn’t do that if it was fixed.

    A solution might be to use velcro as the footrest attachment. That should hold in normal use, but could be pulled free if necessary.

  2. Mary,
    When righting in deep water, there really is not all that much water that gets in and by lifting from the bow, there will be very little. The fabric getting bunched up can make a re entry a real pain.
    It would be nice if Feathercraft had a way to secure the sock to a forward rib. Does not have to be employed. The problem I see with velcro is you could not have carg aft of the rib, forward of your feet.

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