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Don’t know if this is the sort of question you want to answer, but I may be visiting Victoria and Vancouver in the summer and was interested in hiring a boat for a day or two. Can you recommend anywhere? Can one hire a feathercraft somewhere to try one out?

We have a large demo fleet which people are more than welcome, no encouraged, to come by and try out! You don’t have to ‘hire’ our boats, you just have to have a real desire to try one out. However, we usually don’t let the boats go out for more than a workday at most (usually people go for 20 mins to 4-5 hours). You could, I’m sure, borrow one two days in a row for local paddling. If you wanted to rent a boat for a couple of days your best bet is to rent one from Ecomarine; they have a large rental fleet  (Feathercrafts are available I think) and have excellent service and well kept boats.


Feathercraft are located at the waterside on the far end of Granvillie Island, a location as perfect as it is well hidden! Check out this map to help you on your way.


2 thoughts on “Our Demo Boats

  1. Having availed myself of KC’s generous “loaner” policy back in September one day during my vacation in Vancouver, I can vouch for what a great experience it was.

    Any current or future fan of Feathercrafts should consider visiting their HQ and factory on Granville Island if they are going to be in the area. First off, the complex of shops, eateries and theaters on the island (really a peninsula tucked under the bridge to downtown) is a fun place to spend a half day walking around and window shopping. Second, if things aren’t too hectic in the shop, the FC folks are very gracious about giving a tour of their tidy and well-equipped facilities. And the big third, they will provide you with a demo kayak which you can literally paddle from the shop since they are just steps from a launching ramp there at False Creek, a quiet inlet from which you can explore the marinas and harborsides that wind around the city. I had been wanting to test-drive a Wisper and brought my paddling clothes one morning (I called ahead to arrange this.) They provided me with the kayak, Klatwa Greenland paddle and sprayskirt and off I went! I loved the boat and would have stayed out longer than the hour I did if I had time — I was scheduled to join a group paddle up at Deep Cove after lunch and couldn’t linger, unfortunately.

    There really is nothing like actually paddling a kayak like the Wisper to determine if it suits your body and abilities. I knew immediately it would be my next kayak and I just sold my vintage K-1 and much-loved cherry-red Kahuna last weekend so that I can order a new Wisper XP before the Spring thaw here in the East. Meanwhile, though I have two other kayaks, it feels really wierd not having a Feathercraft in my basement for the first time in 8 years!

    Now I just have to decide on the color for the new boat.

  2. I was delighted by the hospitality of the Feathercraft gang when I stopped in to visit last September during my solo vacation to Vancouver (from Pittsburgh.) Not only did I get the full Monty tour of the production shop (which was way cool) but was thrilled at your loaning me a gorgeous new Wisper and Klatwa so I could test paddle it from the boat ramp right there by the shop out False Creek and around the harbor. It convinced me to buy a Wisper XP this coming Spring — I just sold my vintage K-1 and much-loved Kahuna to make room in the basement (and budget) for it.

    Any Feathercraft fan, current or future, should consider stopping at the factory if they are in the area. Granville Island is a great place to spend an afternoon wandering about, besides. Lots of neat shops, eateries and even a theater.

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