Fishing with Baylee

We have tendered quite a few questions about the Baylee and its ability to be used as a fishing boat. For obvious reasons there has been quite a bit of curiosity about the boats ability to reel in some fish. It is lighter, faster to row and packs down smaller than a lot of the fishing specific inflatable  boats on the market. All it seemed to need is some compatibility  with fishing gear.

After a lot of input from people who have been interested in our inflatables, and are fisherpeople themselves, we have augmented the frame parts to accept some of the more common rod holders and attachments.

Fishing in a hailstorm. No fish. They didnt like the weather either.

Fishing in a West Coast hail. The fish didnt like the weather.

And the answer to the question of a motorized version is still ‘no’, with the rowing frame and a set of oars the boat travels along at a good clip, and besides, rowing keeps you warm. And in better shape to deal with that 15 lb rainbow you are gonna land. 😀


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