Feathercraft and Whitewater?

Over the past while we have been testing a whitewater version of our Baylee inflatables; a whitewater version. We have been putting the boat through its paces in our local rivers (the Lynn creek and Chilliwack canyon/Tamahai rapids) to see just what we have.

These trips have opened up a new side of paddling for some of our staff here (mostly the younger adrenaline junkies), and we have done some truly wacky things with the boat. For example; one trip we biked to the headwaters of a class 2 local river and strapped the bikes to the front of the boat, shot the rapids and rolled up the boat, put it in our backpacks and biked away. I love this kinda stuff. One of our dear friend is convinced he can use a Kiteboarding kite to tow him around. hm.

Its slightly smaller than the BL2, shorter by 20cm (total length 2.0m) and has a skirt attached to the boat. It weighs in at 6.5 lbs without the optional skirt (7.5 with)and when deflated fits in a 20L backpack.

After testing it all last year, we are pretty exited to put it out into the world this spring. There is one at the Seattle Boat Show, have a look if you are there. I’ll be firing up some video and pics from the show on monday.


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