Rolling and Cockpit bracing bars.


Spent the weekend rolling my 2009 Khats at GGSKS.  Found that my knees really got sore trying to hold on to the bracing bars.  Moved the calf plates to the bracing bars to give the knees more support for leans and hip flicks.  You guys make something like the calf plate for the bracing bars?  Would be a great piece to add to the Khats for stability during edging.  If not, I’ll have to create my own as the calf plates fit but slide back and forth and up/down.  Need the knee plates to be secure w/o movement.

Any ideas?


Proud owner of 2008 Wisper, 2009 Khatsalano


Hi there!

A few ideas on bracing bars and the Khats. We don’t actually make anything specific to cover the bracing bars, as we have yet to have much input on the comfort of the bars while rolling, but I can see an issue developing here.

A question to you before I get too crazy with foam and velcro here at the shop; is the pressure of the bar creating the discomfort or is it where the bar is contacting your leg (knee, charlie horse etc) that is causing the discomfort?

Padding the bar with a layer of foam is always an option (and easy for me to do here at the shop), a little 3/4″ foam in a packcloth case with velcro closures and wrapped around the bar (pictures to follow). But this will not ease the constant pressure the bar is exerting upon your leg, in  which case we would need to think of something more substantial…. around the calf plate lines.

Check out the Hip fit Kit for a better fit in the cockpit (halfway down the page) do you think this would help? If you have alot of room in the cockpit this might snug up your hips and take some pressure off your knees during a hip flick…………

Love some feedback!


Anyone out there have any experience with an issue related to this one? I think there is limited feedback here at FC with the new bracing bar/built-in-coming system and prolonged rolling.


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