A Fly above the rest.

We got kinda sick of heavy, crappy flys made over-seas that just were not getting the job done for us on our trips. Heavy, bulky and weak, and just not up to the modern standard of  gear-tech. So with some of the very high tech fabric we have here at FC, we made our own. Its a beaut.

It packs into a 5 or a 3 liter drybag with ease, weighs little more than 2 lbs and is made of silicone ripstop fabric. Covered area is 10′ by 10′ with 8 reinforced attachment points, reinforced with our kayak hull fabric.

I personally love the combination of hammock and fly for camping, so small, lightweight and…… exposed?

This fly was mostly meant to be a homemade project, just to test how good ultralight flys could be. It has drawn ALOT of interest though, and I’ll see what I can do about a production model. Although this could take a few weeks.

If you like this idea and cant wait (usually my problem) check out these similar models (though inferior in fabric material and reinforcement strength, the primary reason we made our own)

-Integral Designs SiShelter

-Kelty Noah’s Tarp


4 thoughts on “A Fly above the rest.

  1. Going solo to SE Alaska for two weeks in June with my Khats. Would love to field test “The Fly” out there. Any idea on availability, price?

  2. Looking into the specifics, and rest assured, this baby has been tested, tried and found awesome.
    I’ll pop some info your way when I cost and find out about fabric supply.

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