Used Boats

There are always used Feathercrafts out there; finding them is the difficult part. In years of recession their numbers swell, here are a few links to help you provide a new home to a “previously loved” kayak.

Happy  hunting

Folding Kayak Adventures out of Colorado:

Folding has a Boats for Sale page (scroll down on the side bar)

Craigslist can be a bit of a bother to seach in its entirety but that just means more stuff is out there right?

Wavelength Magazine has a classified page on their forum that is woth surfing


This is obviously a North American biased post, anyone with European, Asian or Aussie pages please fire me an email and I’ll update this post.


2 thoughts on “Used Boats

  1. The best global paddle search I have found scans numerous kayak forums, eBay, Craigslist and classified sites. You can narrow your search by location. Free and no registration required.

    Another one that is similar is although it is not meant to be. It is a vehicle search engine. In their boat search section, they scour the web for ‘Feathercraft’ which also happens to be the name of an unrelated company that makes aluminum fishing boats. It isn’t hard to “fish” out the kayak results from the rest. Below is the direct link for the brand “Feathercraft.”

  2. Almost forgot another stellar classified site…

    There are a couple of Feathercrafts for sale there right now.

    BTW – Paddleswap, mentioned above, searches through as far as its own web scans go, so not always necessary to view directly, although their articles and other content are certainly worth a regular visit.

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