A little hiatus

There has been a Large surge in orders at work, and this combined with the kaput of my camera has forced a lul in my blogging activity. I do however have lots of ideas; on waterbags, new tents, trip ideas etc, so once I regain some energy (I have been napping as soon as I get home!) there will be a new fury of activity here.

Thanks for holding tight.


2 thoughts on “A little hiatus

  1. You guys have been quiet but hopefully that’s because boats are being built and shipped.

    Heading out to Alaska this upcoming weekend in my Khatsalano for a two-week solo trip. Here’s my blog:




    • Dude, its nuts here.

      Hopefully my energy level and interest increase soon, so I can help my little baby along!

      Have a GREAT trip. Gonna write about it?

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