Help with Boat Extension

A considerable amount of force is required to extend some of our larger kayaks, maybe too much for a few of us on a bad day. Sometimes it can be a real hassle to line the extension bars up, hold them in place and then finally exert the pressure required to move that spring button.

There exists an art to the pole push, one that will save a few bonks on the forehead, a sore back or two, maybe prevent a twisted wrist and a whole lot of French will go unsaid. Welcome to the Dao of Extension.

First set something on the ground that you can kneel on; the kayak seat, for example. Get right down next to the boat, either seated or kneeling.
Make sure you are less over top the cockpit as you are beside it, and set up the extension lever bars in the correct position. Place the shoulder of your dominant hand on the top of the horizontal lever bar, this will provide the primary power to extend the boat. Your dominant hand should be pushing the horizontal bar down (pressing the pin into it’s hole), while your other hand steadies the vertical lever bar. Push forward with your upper body, leaning into your shoulder and move that keel extension piston!

See, a lot easier.

Stay tuned for more!


2 thoughts on “Help with Boat Extension

  1. I sometimes find the vertical bar jumps out of its pivot hole when I’m pressing, and it can potentially damage the boat skin. Now I slip a bit of sacrificial fabric under the longeron, to take the impact if the bar jumps. Anything thin and tough will do, eg a scrap of old drybag.

    • HI Mary! thanks for the post.

      I hear you on the jumping issue, be sure that most of the force you are using with your hand is directed down the tube, pressing the pin into the hole.

      I like the drybag idea!


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