Design Award

Congratulations to our fearless and very feared leader Douglass Simpson for being presented an award for Design Excellence by the British Columbia Achievement Foundation.

Very much deserved.

Past winners have had a display up at YVR, so have a look around for ours this coming winter.

Nicely done Doug. Can I keep my job?


Feet comfort

I know a lot of people like to wear their Shoes in a kayak, but I wish you would try and branch out!

If you remove your footwear and paddle in bare feet or with a neoprene sock on or a paddling shoe…<>prd_id=845524441894713&FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302700471

… you will find that your feet will have a lot more room and will bind less with the seasock.

Also the seasock will last longer.

Winter paddling is too cold on the dainty feetsies?

Try using a pair of Goretex socks with some warm woolies underneath!

I know the Mec might be irrelevant for some…. try the REI site. They have a better selection anyway