Long crossing

Well. That was not that much fun. Our wind lasted the first day and night, before dying and eventually blowing in our face. Light enough, but straight in our face and somewhat damaging to tired travelers morale. We made it in four long days and paddled half the total distance, long days moving at 1.5 – 2 knots due the the contrary breeze (we can normally push a K2 along at 3.5 – 4 knots in nominal conditions) and strong current.

Our bodies are covered in ugly salt sores, damaged from the constant spray and pooling of ocean water. As well as being mentally drained and physically punished from 94 nonstop hours in a kayak, we find our digestive processes disturbed by a diet of cliff bars, dried fruit, SPAM and Gravol. What did we think would happen eh?

Off to feed and sleep for 15 hours.


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