Baylee River, self bailing

Quite a few modifications have been made on the Baylee line of inflatable boats, which we are very excited about! I thought I’d run through the list:

BAYLEE 1 (whitewater)

The boat has been completely revamped and has many changes which will make it a whitewater machine.

– the new River Raft now sports a rigid self bailing floor and eliminates the need for a spray skirt. No need to ever stop mid rapid to empty your heavy water laden boat.
– as with all Baylee boats, we have modified our welding techniques and the boats will hold air at pressure for extended periods of time (easily a week or more, depending on the temperature and air bleeding out valves).
– we have reinforced the inflatable seat-back to eliminate tearing.
– attachment points have been rearranged so as to not impede a paddler’s strokes. The old Rowing frame lash point which contacted a paddlers hands during heavy strokes have been eliminated, the rowing frame is now only an option, instead of standard.

-the inflated floor is 4″ thick fully inflated; to hold the paddler above the waterline, with another 4″ seat on top of that.

BAYLEE 2 (whitewater)

Yes, our midsize inflatable now has a riverboat edition!

The skeg and longer waterline allow a paddler to cover distance over flat water, this boat will track easily across that backcountry lake.

-the same self bailing floor as mentioned above.

-a mid boat seated position balances the paddler better in heavy whitewater, as well as allowing for added storage.


We have taken our idea for a self bailing floor and tuned it up for the Baylee 3 to give it a rigid floor; for those who don’t mind carrying around an extra stick of butter (one pound weight increase over the soft floor).

-with the added fishing mounts, the row boat makes for an exceptional fishing platform for those who want a light weight backwoods machine.


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