FC has joined Internet 2.0

We have a new official website, due to be launched this weekend! Our office has put a TON of work into the new template and filled it with awesome interactive photo’s of the boats and a complete product and ordering section. Check it out Monday 25th of July if you find some time on you hands.

Feathercraft kayaks


I have been remiss

I’m not the greatest Internet geek out there; in fact from time to time I definitely get over saturated and require some down time.

But I realize that if I lose momentum this whole blog dies. I’ll try and recreate my original energy and push more content onto these pages!

A few things I will post soon:
-video and pictures if our winter R&D trip in the Heron
-An actual story of our Japanese adventure lat November, with thoughts to our next trip there.
-A few ideas on local trips here on the BC coast
-And a couple ideas that have popped up in the last few days for boat care, improvement and trip comfort

It’s a tall order, but onward!

Thanks for holding tough.