BayLee Valves

A quick note on the BayLee Valves at the stern of the boats. During the normal life of the boat, these valves may become loose. This is very normal; they are a screw-on Valve. The ability to unscrew the valve allows access to the inside of the tubes at a later time (we do not want these valves permanently/glued shut). Should your valve become loose and leak a bit, there is an easy way to tighten the valve and close off the leak.

Grab the bottom portion of the valve through the fabric of the tube (see photo)

Inset the Valve closure lid into the top of the valve and use it to tighten the valve closed. Check out the video:


If you are having still having problems with air seepage, unscrew the top of the valve and re-seat the bottom portion inside the black “O”-ring.