Woke up by the sounds of a fishing port going to work……at 5:30 am, not my preferred alarm in the morning (boats idling,en yelling at each other, releasing themselves of their morning phlegm, and a lot of general crashing and bashing). Ok enough whining, on with the day.

Today we head to the coastguard and tell them of our travel plans (go to the other side of Iriamote then strike southwest for Taiwan, wind being dead north, we will be unable to make Younaguni). Have a look at weather forecasts and finalize our plans.

Big day!



Two down

Well as the title says we are at Ishigaki after paddling for 12 hours from Myako to Terama ( and broke both our masts at night in high winds! Fixed on the fly) rested for a day and the made the 80 km crossing to Ishigaki in a little over 15 hours. More later….. I need food and a lot of sleep






I’d the wind lets up here in the next little bit, we should be able to crawl north along the shoreling to reach a gap in the reef surrounding the island. After that we strike out west aiming for Terama through the night, 60 kms out.

We have been camping on the beach the last two days watching the weather and waiting for the post typhoon seas to settle. It has been nice but everyone is feeling a little restless, hoping that this trip gets going. Apparently another typhoon is brewing in the south china sea……. I can only shake my head. Maybe it doesn’t build and/or heads in another direction.

Anything else would be just stupid.

Oh yea, our campsite gets infested with crabs at night, watch out for your toes during your midnight pee.