Sunscreen for your Kayak

We have had a few customers come in looking for a product we no longer carry: the old McNett 303 that some people used on the decks (and hulls?) of older kayaks.

This products usefulness on our new fabrics is debatable, we no longer use it, but acknowledge that some would like to. I actually think it could be very useful in protecting boats in extremely prolonged solar exposure, such as:

-sailboat deck stored kayaks
-rental boats or tour fleets
-outdoor storage

It can be found at the MEC in Canada and the REI in the U.S.A.

REI link:

MEC link

Outside Hull repairs with AquaSeal

If you have tagged your boat while out on an adventure, it an be a sickening feeling to look at the blemish left behind.
I’m going to detail (with photo’s) how to fix the boat with a minimal impact to the aesthetics of your beautiful boat.

First ensure the abrasion is not a hole, as; it does not penetrate through the skin. If it does, turn the skin inside out and glue a patch on the INSIDE of the skin before attempting to repair the outside.

Clean the abrasion with rubbing alcohol and let dry.


Mix a combination of AquaSeal (in your repair kit) with a small amount of black pigment; I use artists gouache. Mix vigorously and thoroughly.




The next step is to outline the abraded area with masking tape. Use two or three layers of tape and then press it down.




Fill the abraded area with your darkened glue, and place some extra within the tape borders.



Using a paint scraper or similar tool, GENTLY spread the glue within the bordered area. You are attempting to smooth the glue for maximum atheistic effect. Use only the scraper. If and divots or blemishes appear, restart. Glue that spills over the tape border should be scraped or wiped off immediately and the residue cleaned off with rubbing alcohol.




Use a utility or pocket knife to score the glue along the border of the repair area.


You are only separating the glue on the tape from the glue on the repair area. You really really do not want to cut into your boat. If you are worried about this, skip the knife step. Pull off the tape border very slowly.



Let the glue dry for 14 hours.


When cured, the glue will be strong and supple.