Boats for Issaquah

During the Northwest Paddling Festival on Friday may 9th, I will be brining a bevy of boats for testing. So far: Wisper XP, kahuna and Aironaut.

Hoping for more beautiful weather; last year I almost had sunstroke!


Arcteryx Reckless Climb (custom Baylee cameo!)

Paul and the lads from Arcteryx went down to Argentina and rocked a savage cliff in Patagonia. It may have been 1,000 sheer meters…. correct me if I’m wrong. With them were two lightweight Baylee 3’s. The boats got them into their climb, and out. Check out the video (Baylees pop up at 5:28 and 11:30) its stunning and these guys really know their stuff. A great clip


Demo Days this summer

A few places to come try a Feathercraft out this Summer:

We will be at the Northwest Paddling Festival on Friday, May 9 and Saturday, May 10, 2014 on Lake Sammamish, Washington State USA 2014 no lettering

A few Boats will be on the beach at Jericho  here in Vancouver for the MEC Paddle fest (Link to follow)

Saturday July 5, 2014 from 10AM until 5PM at Jericho Beach Sailing Centrepmain_paddlefest_en_v1_m56577569830695096

A maybe at this point is the Victoria dockside demo…… More info in a few days

Towing a Wisper

B from Cologne has an interesting question concerning towing a Wisper in assist situations.

In addition to the standard of around the coaming tow lines; we here at FC use the bow line and clip into the perimeter cord. Important to note that the clip in point should be in between the webbing (bow and stern).

Clipping the carbine hook into the webbing may stretch the metal over a LONG towing distance, but this part is easy to replace and in an emergency, this issue should not be worried about. If time is available, loop the bow line through the perimeter cord and then clip in. This will transfer the “jerk” force to the cord, leaving the carbine hook intact.