A great tip on re-coating Packcloth

Re: Hatch tunnels and nylon gear delaminating.

Unfortunately, when this coating goes, there isn’t anything much to be done.

You could try flaking off what you can; and then try a nylon recoat product

used for coating nylon tents. Do a test on a small piece first.

The seams on the tunnel would also need to be sealed.

A further suggestion would be to upgrade the hatch covers to the double coated

nylon covers. The old covers have also lost waterproofing – so that way you’d

be stopping some of the seepage.

Just in case sbdy else asks this question. I seem to have found a solution to this problem.
Using a liquid naphta product for waterproofing awnings (from a camping supply) and soaking the nylon fabric from the uncoated side, I was able to makes this pretty waterproof. Seems like this is not hurting the othe hull fabrics either.


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