In house talent

6794376562_c9c8074733_o 6804000252_520cbf1801_o 7034006027_a06f6a3b0f_o 7188745935_091c9dc7bf_o 7193994040_7ed3c77cba_o 7360222832_464f826193_o 7446114854_720eb73430_o 7452509548_0e90dd18cc_o 7660604314_c4e8895946_o 7907208274_193595de46_o 8061639599_8966673e83_o 8111568784_46328a654d_o 8184420527_0acb0ce170_o 8375677300_79ab1faca6_o 8498667537_95c5f4d2c1_o 8522505945_cf31571ffc_o 8616354810_c4cee841fe_o 8730329394_c48e304dd6_o 8752733146_1912ba5af1_o 9410572261_503b6dc081_h - Copy 9439423505_a322ecac79_o 9631184072_d1e39ddc13_o 9644848513_dee14c1b5b_o 9675117025_18dc5f61dd_o 10164293345_9eef6a6070_o 10832449684_4fa2ac5bae_oA buddy here at feathercraft is a very very good hobby photographer. Here a few of his shots!


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