Glue and inflation tubing

A question was posed about replacing the hose on a sponson (it also applies to any type of inflation bag, aka, etc), where the glue blocked the airflow once cured. Here is a response to that issue:

“Hi there!

We can easily send you a new hose. BUT! I say just cut off the current hose from the Valve (leaving as much valve as possible) and shorten the hose so that air can pass through. You should be able to see the blockage once you remove the hose. Your hose might now be 27″ (instead of 30″)……. no problem. Just try reglue the shortened hose back onto the shortened valve. BUT! this time, once its attached, inflate the sponson fully, then let it deflate quickly. This will move any liquid glue out of the passage, making sure it will cure without blocking the tube. You can repeat this as much as you want to sate any concerns.

Let me know if this helps!”



Heron vs Xp

Here is a question we get a lot (and my 2 cents afterwards)

Thanks for your answer.
Is it possible for you to explain me the difference between Wisper XP and Heron?
I mean the difference of “feeling”, paddling them.
I normally paddle day trips and 1-3 day trips with full equipment.
Will Heron feel too big for this?
My last kayak is a Danish Arrow Empower but now i have decided to test a Faltkayak and feel a little bit lost in the models.
I have 600km to closest resellers, so not so easy to test.
Looking forward to get some recommendations.
Best regards

Hello L

The Heron is our biggest single kayak and was meant for long touring and fast paddling. The XP is designed to meet modified standards of that ideal; it is easier to assemble (and faster to assemble), lighter and more maneuverable. The Heron beats it out in speed (it may be our fastest kayak)  and tracks straight as an arrow. It can handle a much greater payload and has great access to gear buried in the stern with its three hatches. It also has extra reinforcing along the outside keel of the skin.

My personal opinion?

-The Wisper is an ideal kayak for 1-3 day trips and with a small deck load and water bags in the cockpit under your legs, can be paddled for two weeks unsupported. It is my go to boat for most trips. I take it on buses and ferries disassembled (it its pack) without too much concern or difficulty with weight and size.

-The Heron is our best boat. It is probably the best design Doug (owner, designer) has come up with since 1979. He has said as much. It works SO well for the role it fills. it is however a boat that takes 45+ mins to assemble, and is heavier than the XP…… but man, oh man, is it fast. I have brought golf clubs and balls on long trips in this kayak… it has that much room.

Please shoot me any more questions you have on these boats. I know it is hard to decide on such a large purchase without seeing them yourself.



P.S. here is a movie from one of our test paddles of the Heron I made