Glue and inflation tubing

A question was posed about replacing the hose on a sponson (it also applies to any type of inflation bag, aka, etc), where the glue blocked the airflow once cured. Here is a response to that issue:

“Hi there!

We can easily send you a new hose. BUT! I say just cut off the current hose from the Valve (leaving as much valve as possible) and shorten the hose so that air can pass through. You should be able to see the blockage once you remove the hose. Your hose might now be 27″ (instead of 30″)……. no problem. Just try reglue the shortened hose back onto the shortened valve. BUT! this time, once its attached, inflate the sponson fully, then let it deflate quickly. This will move any liquid glue out of the passage, making sure it will cure without blocking the tube. You can repeat this as much as you want to sate any concerns.

Let me know if this helps!”



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