BC and Fire

In a horrifically hot and dry year, the west coast of Canada is burning. Our last significant rainfall was……. I don’t know when; so long ago the memory itself has dried up.

There are still 168 active fires in the province, and no conclusive end in sight. It would take significant rainfall and cooling for any substantive effect to the slowing and preventing of new and old fires, and nothing of the sort is in any long term forecast or model. With one of my favorite places in the world being rendered to ash and desolation (the Elaho Valley), I have to remain calm remember that the normal ecological process of reforestation involves fire.



Haida Gwaii – Queen Charlotte Islands

Our wonderful Japanese dealer, Shiro Ose of Granstream Japan; took is 12 year old son on a three week paddle to the emerald isles of BC. They traveled 100km in our K2, and had a wonderful time. Only two days with rain in an area where that is nearly unheard of.R0030987 R0031645 R0031632 R0031630 R0031623 R0031602 R0031229 R0031134(1) R0030994 R0030961(1) R0031113 R0030961