Today’s Repair – For Irene

A 2007 sponson has failed at the valve, a very inconvenient place for a repair.

Required items:

Aqua-seal (and cotol for a quicker fix)

Duct Tape


Small straw, twig or tube (think tiny)


First gently pull the sponson out as far as possible to give access to the work area. You want to be able to have the fabric under the valve area a flat and without creases as possible. Apply Aqua-seal in between the fabric and valve liberally…..BUT… try and keep it out of the sponson tube. You only want the glue on the valve flange (indicated by the shiny circle)


Cut and/or punch holes in two pieces of Duct Tape as indicated in the first photo.

Place some glue around the fabric edge of the open spot, and 3mm on top of the fabric itself. Use Duct Tape to cover and stick together.


Leave the repair to set for:

With Coltol: 20 mins

Without Cotol: 8 hours

After this time ensure that the sponson has not stuck to itself.

Man-oh-Man I hope this helps!

Good luck