Don’t worry! Be happy…. I’m goin Hoppy

Quite a few speculations as to what is going on here…. we are just renovating! There has been no mortality, sickness, injury or any other cataclysmic ordeal! Feathercraft will be around for at least another 30 years if I have anything to say about it.

All of our parts are labeled out of stock so that we don’t get flooded with orders that we can not complete because our machines are being moved. We’re very close to being finished……. It has been a few months of moving machines, electrical hookups, compressors and air hoses.

The square footage cost in Vancouver is insane. Insane. (how is a completely average house worth 2.5 million!!?!?? gah, now I’m riled up) We are halving our space as a result. The other option was to move to the boonies…….


As to the models we carry; we simply don’t want to make so darn many. Its a Massive Pain in there Derriere. We either have to keep everything in stock or stop what we are doing and make a bow java chine bar #3. heh. Not exactly productive. So hopefully we streamline for the future, but in the meantime we still support all the boats we have sold.

This year will see Feathercraft more fiscally secure than it has been since 2008.

Breath people. Breath.






I love hearing from customers

After a seemingly endless wait I had the opportunity, and conditions, to paddle my new Wisper XP last weekend. Well worth the wait. Loved it. In tune with the water! Tracked very well with rudder despite some strong gusts at times.  Had wind on all quarters and some short seas so a good, if not too demanding, work out.
Easy to pack with camping gear. I don’t forsee any problems with packing sufficient for much longer trips either. Of course, the boat fitted very well inside my small campervan: looking forward to the flexibility this combination will give me
Attaching a few pics. Place Loch Long, Scotland.
Big thanks for your warm welcome when I came to visit you in October and the opportunity for a demo paddle. Your suggestions for eating places on Granville Island were excellent…and testing the local beer was good too. Really enjoyed Vancouver. Absolutely worth the trip from the UK! Need an excuse to visit again…..
Also attaching my completed warranty card.
Very best wishes to you all.

Better waterbags

I’ve noticed during the course of my travels that waterbags and dromedary bags tend to leave the water with a rather…… disgusting(?) taste that only gets worse as time goes on. Now whether this is the increased susceptibility to a constant annoyance or an actual accumulation of bacteria and filth, I’m not sure.  All I know is, after two weeks I don’t want to drink the water tailings from my bags, but since its the only choice I have…… blech.

17 l bags:

Drumroll please:

The secret is………….

A cup of apple juice overnight. That’s it. Let the juice swish around a bit, then wash it out thoroughly.


I do it every trip.



Whats up?!?

Some explanation as to the changes coming to the FC line.


Less popular models have been discontinued.



Certain models (such as the SOT) are discontinued due to

few numbers being sold over the past couple of years;

allowing us to concentrate on the more popular models.

Keeping and making stock for 15+ models is extremely expensive….

You can still order parts for all boats (we still remember how to make em!).

The aironaut should make an appearance again once we find a new fabric supplier (we want lighter, better)


Hope this helps




Last gasp for seized bars

Forgot the lube before the season started? Now its winter and the boat ain’t coming down.

Twist and tap and push and grunt….. but the keel bar won’t budge.



This is the last gasp before the saws come out.


Get a kettle of boiling water. Place a pan under the bar (you shouldn’t be able to hurt the skin, its melting temperature is 750 degrees) pour the water onto the bar where the overlap is. Hit it with a blow dryer on hot. heat that bar up. Do not let the heat from the blow gun get on the fabric (make sure the pan of water is getting the blast), the heat from the gun can build up and cause discoloration or worse, bubbles.


Dump the water out. get some ice water under the bar. Flush it with cool water.


Dump that out. Hit it with the above heat treatment. Get that bar hot again


tap it with a plastic or rubber mallet


Cool it down again.


Try twisting the bars in opposition.






Repeat this until you feel like you’ve exceeded the 200 bucks that that part costs


Cut it in two.


Buy a new one.


Best of luck.

This can be a doozy