Last gasp for seized bars

Forgot the lube before the season started? Now its winter and the boat ain’t coming down.

Twist and tap and push and grunt….. but the keel bar won’t budge.



This is the last gasp before the saws come out.


Get a kettle of boiling water. Place a pan under the bar (you shouldn’t be able to hurt the skin, its melting temperature is 750 degrees) pour the water onto the bar where the overlap is. Hit it with a blow dryer on hot. heat that bar up. Do not let the heat from the blow gun get on the fabric (make sure the pan of water is getting the blast), the heat from the gun can build up and cause discoloration or worse, bubbles.


Dump the water out. get some ice water under the bar. Flush it with cool water.


Dump that out. Hit it with the above heat treatment. Get that bar hot again


tap it with a plastic or rubber mallet


Cool it down again.


Try twisting the bars in opposition.






Repeat this until you feel like you’ve exceeded the 200 bucks that that part costs


Cut it in two.


Buy a new one.


Best of luck.

This can be a doozy




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