Whats up?!?

Some explanation as to the changes coming to the FC line.


Less popular models have been discontinued.



Certain models (such as the SOT) are discontinued due to

few numbers being sold over the past couple of years;

allowing us to concentrate on the more popular models.

Keeping and making stock for 15+ models is extremely expensive….

You can still order parts for all boats (we still remember how to make em!).

The aironaut should make an appearance again once we find a new fabric supplier (we want lighter, better)


Hope this helps





6 thoughts on “Whats up?!?

  1. That’s about what I thought except I was puzzled by the Aironaut’s departure from the line. I thought that the Aironaut was becoming a good seller with those who, like me, would prefer to avoid the hassle of frequent assembly/disassembly. Curious to know how the “new” Aironaut will be different from the discontinued model. Lighter weight? Bullet-resistant hull? Good luck!

  2. Thanks to you!

    Change is always strangely nice….. It will be good to be more productive.
    The Aironaut will make a comeback, that’s for sure. One of Doug’s crazier designs.

  3. I had been wondering about the changes at Feathercraft … one reason I went web surfing and found this blog. I’m really glad I found the blog BTW and plan to return.

    I understand that one potential pitfall in the folding kayak business is offering too many models, particularly with a creative designer like Doug Simpson. I once read an article about another manufacturer that fell into this trap and had serious financial problems and was concerned for Feathercraft at one point.

    My biggest recent paddling milestone is that last fall I added a Wisper XP too late to give it much of a test, so I am looking forward to spring. This will be the first I have paddled with the large cockpit.


    • Let me know how it feels if you don’t mind. i’m always interested in feedback, good and bad…..

      The Xp might be my favorite all around boat. Great choice.

      As well, if there is anything I can help you with (boat issues, tips, yadda yadda) please don’t hesitate to ask.

      Gives me more fodder for this blog.

    • Received an email from Theresa telling me that the Aironaut has been discontinued. Sounds to me like this is a permanent and not just a matte of better material from a new supplier.

      • Both Doug and I are looking into new fabrics. Theresa is trying to keep the office in order…. a daunting task. I would be very surprised if we let the Aironaut go.

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