Better waterbags

I’ve noticed during the course of my travels that waterbags and dromedary bags tend to leave the water with a rather…… disgusting(?) taste that only gets worse as time goes on. Now whether this is the increased susceptibility to a constant annoyance or an actual accumulation of bacteria and filth, I’m not sure.  All I know is, after two weeks I don’t want to drink the water tailings from my bags, but since its the only choice I have…… blech.

17 l bags:

Drumroll please:

The secret is………….

A cup of apple juice overnight. That’s it. Let the juice swish around a bit, then wash it out thoroughly.


I do it every trip.




2 thoughts on “Better waterbags

  1. Dear Dan,
    thank You so very much for this blog.
    I really mean it.
    As unimportant every day problems may seem, they are, in my oppinion, just what matters.

    When, for instance, I unpacked my first kayak in a rush of joy is was soo grateful for Your “boat in a bag” blog that told me how to put it back in.
    So simple if You know how to do it 😉
    And all the other precious details.

    You may not remembr us but my husband and I visited You at Feathercraft last September when we visited Vancouer and Vancouver Island and it really was a higlight and we considerd ourselves to be lucky to meet You and the Feathercraft team.

    I have loved your boats before but it made it so much more, well, real and personal.

    So please go on, I hope that we will have the opportunity of coming back and maybe meet You again, I would love to do more paddling in Canada and especially British Columbia,

    Greetings rom Cologne, Germany,


    • Thank you so much for the kind words!

      I’m so glad I could help. If there is anything else I could help with (as you say; “As unimportant every day problems may seem, they are, in my oppinion, just what matters”) please do not hesitate to ask. Chances are someone else needs the same help.

      Happy Paddling!


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