I love hearing from customers

After a seemingly endless wait I had the opportunity, and conditions, to paddle my new Wisper XP last weekend. Well worth the wait. Loved it. In tune with the water! Tracked very well with rudder despite some strong gusts at times.  Had wind on all quarters and some short seas so a good, if not too demanding, work out.
Easy to pack with camping gear. I don’t forsee any problems with packing sufficient for much longer trips either. Of course, the boat fitted very well inside my small campervan: looking forward to the flexibility this combination will give me
Attaching a few pics. Place Loch Long, Scotland.
Big thanks for your warm welcome when I came to visit you in October and the opportunity for a demo paddle. Your suggestions for eating places on Granville Island were excellent…and testing the local beer was good too. Really enjoyed Vancouver. Absolutely worth the trip from the UK! Need an excuse to visit again…..
Also attaching my completed warranty card.
Very best wishes to you all.

One thought on “I love hearing from customers

  1. Hi Dan,

    I wonder if you could help me with some measurements I need to properly size a Snapdragon spray skirt for a Heron? I tried contacting your customer service dept, but this is the response I received when I asked for the distance from the outside of the coaming to the back of the seat:

    “You know….I’m not all that comfortable supplying information for
    a custom skirt……

    100% disclaimer of responsibility.”

    I was a little surprised! I guess I understand their reluctance, but it would have been great if they could have provided the measurement with a disclaimer, rather than just refusing to help.

    Anything you can do to help would be really appreciated!

    Mark Weggeland

    PS – I bought the Heron last year. It is a beauty!

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