On-Line Scams and Credit Card Fraud
happen every day — and today is OUR day.


Acquired through the fraudulent use of a credit card through our on-line shop (He bought the boat, had it shipped and accepted delivery then called 6 weeks later to VISA and said the transaction was not authorized):

Name: B.L.

MODEL:              Kurrent (LW) – Blue
Serial Number:   QFVKT003K515
Shipped:              February 3, 2016
Destination:         Nottingham, UK

Should this kayak turn up for sale somewhere in the world, there will be no chance of warranty or service.  Buyer Beware.


A little notice so that everyone knows what is up with this boat; AND, this seems like our only recourse as the credit card and online shopping site cannot do anything about it…..

New Skins

A bit of a look at our new skin, without gasket. The old style, where the gasket protruded from the deck-hull seam, has long been a blight on the perfection of our boats (in my mind).


As simple as it may seem; it is quite a complicated fix. The RF weld at that seam is the last thing done to the skin before it is fit around a frame. It needs to be simple, easy to weld and fail-proof.


I think the new look is a huge improvement. This is a new Blue Wisper XP.