New Hull Fabric

img_5498Exciting times.

Yeaterday we took delivery of the first 50 yards of a new hull fabric. This fabric has been eagerly anticipated for some time; it has also been in development for over four years.

The stuff will make awesome boats; it is tougher, has a better coating to substraight bond, and is more pliant (hulls will roll up smaller). It is however shinier than our old stuff….. Especially on the inside of the fabric. It is 15% thinner and lighter; improvements in fabric technology blow me away.

Early abrasion and durability tests indicate a much, much improved fabric….
It makes a very good looking boat and the welding is a treat, very satisfying to work with this fabric and have such strong bonds/welds.

And still made in the USA, which is very important to us.

Most boat models should return to “in stock” soon.



2 thoughts on “New Hull Fabric

  1. So, will you be using this wonderful new material to fabricate the yet to be announced reincarnated Aironaut. Or maybe it will be called the Aironaut 2.0. You really need a high-end inflatable in your line.🙂

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