K2 Production

Due to demand we have made a run of K2 Kayak frames.

Most have sold but we have 3 left. Red, Olive, Black or Blue skins to be made at time of ordering.


2 thoughts on “K2 Production

  1. Hello,

    thank You for the information/invitation.

    I would like to order a blue skin double. Would it be possible to build in a mast shoe, or whatever it is called in Kayaks ?

    There is one problem: I would order it and pay it but for us it would only make sense if we could come to Canada and fetch it to use it on our holiday and take it back ourselves, but I cannot foresee when that would be.

    Next year or the year after, depends on my husband and my boss, which is a difficult path to navigate.

    So, if things go wrong, would You go along with storing the kayak away for, um, some time, until we can fetch it or have to bury our hopes and have to submit to have it sent ?

    And please make it blue skin or my husband will be dissapointed.

    And, I just went to Amsterdam in my (elder, nor rudder) Wisper and, as usual, everybody was amazed how i could hols up in a folding kayak. I love that boat so very much, it is the only one my husband trusts to go into the water in, but so easy to navigate (if there is not too strong a wind)

    But there are two things that might be a tad better (for me): I do not like to go in boats with a rudder, but I like the english type kayak with a skeg; and the strap on skeg provided is just too small. Maybe a folding skeg like a lampion ? Would be a great advantage in wind or stronger water.

    The second one is the foot rest, it sometimes gets tangled with the sea sock and sometimes is hard to hold on.

    As indicated above, I would not be entirely happy with the obvious solution, which would be a Wisper xp with a rudder, for I do like skegs better that a rudder.

    Please do tell me if You would agree to the double project.



    • Thank you for your question!

      I think there should be no problem with your request, but I will forward it to the office staff to handle

      What is your preferred email address?

      Thank you!


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