Feathercraft Has Closed Permanently 
December 2016

Feathercraft has now permanently stopped making folding kayaks and accessories. Due to a number of factors, including poor economic conditions, changing lifestyles, flight baggage restrictions and increasing costs, we have found that making our premium kayaks is no longer financially viable. We will miss the incredible feedback and adventure stories that we have received over the years. I personally will miss these customers, our many suppliers, and also my dedicated colleagues who have helped make our beautiful boats. Thank you all for your tremendous support over these past 40 years.
Sincerely Yours,

Doug Simpson

Founder and Principal Owner


14 thoughts on “.

  1. How sad! 😦
    I hope you can retire happily …
    If we need parts or service in the future, what do you suggest?

    Thank you for making such wonderful products for so long,
    Donna Drury

  2. This is sad news. You made a great product and should be proud.
    It’s tough to see a business that took such care to make a great product.
    You should be proud of your work and I’ll be sorry to see you go.

  3. Mr Simpson,

    Sorry to learn Feathercraft is closing, but I have observed that paddling markets are changing and so am not entirely surprised. I have enjoyed paddling a series of Feathercrafts since my purchase of a K-Lite Plus in 1998 including a Kahuna (still in excellent shape, now being paddled by my wife), and a Wisper XPL.

    Never made it out to Vancouver for a visit. Hopefully some day our paths will cross. Thanks for the creative products you have made for so long and good luck in the future!

    Scott McColloch

  4. The end of an era; Doug; thanks for making such wonderful craft which have allowed so many of us to do things that were not possible without their innovative well engineered features. We wish you and Theresa together with all the great people who worked with you over the years exceedingly well. Thank you!

  5. Thank you Feathercraft for the quality kayaks you designed and produced. We had (and will have many) unforgettable holidays thanks to your kayaks. Sad news. Wish you all the best !



  6. A sad shock,
    I bought my first feathercraft kayak many years ago. It was a yellow Kahuna and I loved it very much. Eventually, i bought my girlfriend a kahuna to introduce her to the world of kayaking. She fell in love with the sport but mostly with her Kahuna. A year later, i bought myself a beautiful K1. What a great boat.
    Your boats are the best and they should still be made. They bring pleasure to all those who own a Feathercraft. Personnally, I don’t go out kayaking, I go out “Feathercrafting” , Experiencing kayaking in a Feathercraft ia a privilege.
    Have you considered selling your business ? Please do. 🙂

  7. Oh no !

    I am incredibly sorry to hear that.

    Such wonderfil kayaks no longer available is a huge loss for everybody.

    I would have loved to buy a wisper xp or even a double kayak some time, but I had not saved enough money.



  8. Feathercraft designed and built the best lightweight folding kayaks available anywhere and it’s passing marks the end of an era. I now wonder what Feathercraft owners will do if they need to replace a damaged or lost part. Will there be a source for such things as tubing, sponsons, ribs and such? Anyway, my sincere thanks and best wishes to the Feathercraft crew. Good Luck!

    Best, Jake Myers

  9. Sad indeed. But, there you go, things move on.
    Thanks to Doug, Theresa and all the team for designing and producing the most exquisitely beautiful kayaks in the world.
    Best wishes for the future. Life’s work well done.
    Who knows though, it may not be the end…………

  10. Thanks Feather craft for the nice kayaks.And thank for the good warranty service.This is sa news now
    If Ineed parts?Whatdo you suggest
    Bierings Pat Belgium

  11. Bummer for us, hopefully not a burden to you. The market has changed. Had great travels in my Khatsalano over the years and she could really piss off Communists. Take care and enjoy your life!

  12. So very sad. I love our K2 Expedition and I had been looking forward to making a special trip to Vancouver to buy a K1 for my 50th birthday next year. Looks like it wasn’t meant to be. Good luck with the future and thanks.

  13. Dear Doug and everybody who ever worked at Feathercraft -THANK YOU.

    Your products were, are and will remain excellent for years to come. Their quality was second only to your customer service. Both set benchmarks. You held true to your values. Your boats were never simply products; they are ‘life’ boats, through which you gave us access to places, experiences, freedoms and friends we would otherwise not have had. You were an antidote to the rampant commercialism of the day. Your customers (your friends), bought Feathercraft on principal.

    It’s truly sad that Feathercraft is no more, but you should all be enormously proud of what you did, how you did it and the lives that you have changed.

    I bought my ‘fleet’ (K2s, Klondike and K1s) from you in the 1990s to use for my fledgling wilderness travel business (Arctic Light). But we never met. You shipped these to Anchorage where I collected them and there was never a problem with them being late, or missing a component, or something which didn’t fit. This was in marked contrast to the rigid kayaks I also bought, where most had problems – despite generally only having 5 mass produced components….and could I get those issues fixed? I never had any problems, but I remember you helping Sean, Ingrid and Kate Tomlinson out when they arrived in Vancouver from Scotland, but their Klondike skin was misplaced by the airline. I can’t think of any other company who would have just lent someone a new skin.

    I still have my Klondike and a Whisper I bought used. All are still fantastic and are still creating memories. I’ll be taking my now teenage sons to Alaska next summer in Feathercraft older than they are, but which are still as good as they day I bought them.

    Good luck to all of you in your future endeavours. You did great and created something very special. I really hope to meet you on the water sometime.


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