FeatherCraft crafts 

Making knife handle blanks from 8 layers of old kayak hull and deck fabric. Reason #1055.4B that I will miss FC


3 thoughts on “FeatherCraft crafts 

  1. I miss Feathercraft because not only have they shut down boat production but it looks like there may not be support for existing kayaks and inflatables. You likely won’t find a new sponson or sea sock at your local Home Depot much less a replacement for a bent aluminum frame section.

  2. Spares! That’s good to know; we miss the passing of an expedition kayaking institution; the world would have been a duller less accessible place without the craft FC provided us with, lets give thanks to what we have had and the people who made it possible. So with a little help from the self same sources of on going spares, let’s keep our remaining FC kayaks going until either they fall to bits or we do; which ever comes first!

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