There I times when I struggle with Feathercraft. I have been a part of this family since 1997….. that’s a long time. But its not what most people think; not that its a long time working in the same place doing the same things, but rather a long time working with the same friends, going to neat places, crafting art we are proud of.

Intensly proud of:

There is nothing like finding someone, on a sandy shore somewhere on this earth, paddling something you have made; and intensely loving that thing. Often I stay silent and just watch, sometimes I’ll feel like a conversation and say ” I made that boat”.

And there goes the next hour.

Its a loss of personal identity and friendship that is looming in March. No one is worried about future employment, it will happen, we will probably make more money have benefits and a pension. That pales to what we are losing. Freedom and camaraderie.

It is a grace that on beautiful warm January days here in Shangrila, I find some perspective.


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