Tonight’s job

Putting the finishing touches on the last Bolder FC will make

Thinking of all the time I will have to show a beautiful girl how to fish

From that Bolder!

Ahhh. Good nights work.

For all the manager types; first photo is staged (the second is 100% genuine joy)


4 thoughts on “Tonight’s job

  1. … Gone fishing! Have fun, the best things in life are always close to us …. or to quote Douglas Adams in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy when the Dolphins exited stage right ; goodbye and thanks for alll the fish ….

  2. Dan, Still wondering about future support for existing boats. The grapevine, via your dealer in Zurich, has it that there will likely be some kind of support facility forthcoming. Can you confirm?

    • No confirmation to date, no denial. I sound like a politician eh? There will be something, worry not. I will probably be able to post something about that subject in April/may. It’s just too busy fight now to even think about

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