Future Parts

Feathercraft Repairs

We will be setting up a limited Feathercraft repair shop later this year.

(We are moving out of the city and first must undertake construction on

our new home.)

We will be able to replace many aluminum tube parts, various plastic parts and

supply hardware pieces.

We will be able to supply skin fabric for repairs, but will not undertake these

repairs ourselves.

We will be able to supply sewn and taped spray skirts and sea socks and also

replacement air sponsons.

Please look for a new website featuring Feathercraft parts sometime this fall.

Sincerely Yours,

Doug Simpson


14 thoughts on “Future Parts

  1. Great news!

    I am pretty good about taking care of our Feathercrafts and have some extra critical replacement parts, but having a range of other parts available will keep me going a lot longer.

  2. Good news! Thanks, Doug. I had thought about putting my Kurrent 2.0 up for sale because I don’t care to own an unsupported product as specialized as the FC kayak. I’d still trade the Kurrent, though, for an Aironaut in like new condition. Alas, there will be no new Aironauts (sigh).

  3. Thanks Doug. We’ll stay tuned & look for updates. We’re gonna need three specific extension bar sets. We send you blessings in this time of transition…

    Craig & Betty Bryson/Anaheim HIlls CA

  4. Great news! I will finally buy the seasock I’ve been procrastinating on ! Maybe even a rolling rib 😄. Any unsold Aironaut looking for a new home?

  5. A lot of people lost their jobs and are now in a terrible position, because we too thought FC would be around for a long time. This was not a foreseeable event.

    Please be more considerate with your comments in the future.

  6. Hi,
    One of my sponsons (K1 2014) has ruptures and, having unsucessefully tried to repair it, nedd a new sponson.
    Wondering if i can still acquire a sponson somewhere?, Any help would be greatly appreciated

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