Where to begin?

Kayaking is about destinations; this journey and the next, the joy of accomplishment and the pleasure of sharing a moment with comrades.

When all is said and done, the only one who will really cherish your experience is yourself. Long after the magazine article has faded and the beach buzz has silenced you will live with the memories you have created. Forget the rest.

I have high hopes for this blog, and we’ll see where it goes. I want it to be a peek into the world of Feathercraft; what we do, how we do it and where. New products will be previewed (if allowed!), our trips will be reviewed (to inspire!) and a section of Feathercraft tips and techniques to help in your journey.

Please let me know how I’m doing and what I can post here to help. I’m always a fan of feedback as a tool to improve what I’m working on.

Here goes!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Great start to your blog so far. Keep it up. I have a questions you might be able to answer. How dry does the inside of a Feathercraft stay when you’re practicing rolling. I use the seasock (of course) but always wind up with a fair bit of water after a practice session. Fair warning, I’m not much of a roller, still bail out a lot and so I get a lot of water in the sea sock, but that is very easy to entry during re-entry. It’s the water in the hull that bugs me a bit. Is this common with the Wisper, or do I need more attention to the sea sock seal? Thanks.

    • Thanks for your post, great question!

      In actual fact, when practicing rolling our seasocks have an unfortunate tendency to let water into the hull area around the coaming. What happens is when installing the seasock, it rolls around the coaming and doesn’t lie perfectly flat, and the water finds its way through the creases. Have a look at the seasock next time you put it on and you’ll see what I mean.
      Don’t worry about the water, the frame is anodised and as long and you dump it out (and lubricate your frame once or twice a year!) your boat will suffer no harm.

      If you want to limit the amount of water in your boat try using a neoprene spray-skirt. They grip a little tighter than the nylon, and help the seasock create a tighter seal.

  2. Could the seasockfor the Khats have straps or bungies integrated so the foot can be attached to a forward rib to keep it from bunching up? The bunching up makes entry a pain and can cause discomfort especially when in the boat for extended times.

  3. Why not intergrate your suggestion to all the seasocks? It works great in the rear K2 sock.
    As far as bracing, I am ok with the regular footbrace.

  4. Finally, a site where Feathercrafters can swap war stories. Thank you! I hope the site takes off. I just attended the 2nd Annual Golden Gate Sea Kayaker Symposium http://www.ggsks.com/ and had my Khats on the beach and the water with all those plastic and glass boats. Got lots of questions from coaches and students about the boat as I was the only one in a foldable. Hope other FC owners can join this event next year for some great training.

    • Thanks so much for your interest! The blog has been up a couple months so content is a little low (and after the initial rush of creation, I have been slacking off!), but feel free to use and fire questions my way! Thats how this thing will grow legs………….

    • Was there on Friday morning and went out for a paddle out the Gate in my Khats. Most everyone else stayed in Horseshoe Cove and a few went to Yellow Bluff. Sorry I missed you

  5. The information on this blog/forum is rather useful, but there doesn’t appear to be a link from the Feathercraft website to this site, so it is hard to find (and it is not entirely clear if it is officially related to the company, or who writes the entries).

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