Our Boats

The Aironaut

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The Wisper XP

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10 thoughts on “Our Boats

  1. I own a Feathercraft kayak 400XL QCC
    Length 14’5″
    I need a cover for the cockpit. (34″)
    Can you help me out?
    Thank you.
    John Merenda

  2. A defunct Vancouver Meetup kayaking group I belonged to used to have several members with folding kayaks, including Feathercrafts. Now the group is gone, but some of these people still paddle together.

  3. i loved my boat since we got ours in 1999, but at the start of January I realised I need new aluminium frame pieces as mine salted together in the last 6 months. Who can i contact or is there any forum/site that still sells spare parts for feathercraft?

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